• October 13, 2015

So many events, so little time.

This year Rogers Arena is celebrating its 20th anniversary and to mark the occasion we’re pinning some of our favourite moments against each other in a bracket battle royale like no other.

The 32-moment bracket will feature four categories: Canucks, Hockey, Sports & Events; the quartet will faceoff against each other to determine the top moment for each category and one eventual champion.

That’s where you come in.

Each week fans can log-on to www.playcanucks.com/twentymoments and choose who they think should advance in the given match-ups. Check back early, check back often, vote for your favourites and you’ll have a chance to win 10 pairs of Canucks tickets and 10 pairs of concert tickets.

We begin with 32 and end with one – and one fan champion. Log-on now and that could be you!

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