Community Night

  • March 9, 2016

By Airi Nakamoto

On Wednesday, March 9th, Rogers Arena will be hosting another #20in20 game night celebrating Community Night as the Canucks face the Arizona Coyotes at home. 

The Canucks Community Partnerships team has done remarkable work in the local community. The Canucks for Kids Fund is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and have successfully raised over $50 million within that time. CFKF is fully committed to supporting children’s charities in British Columbia and have played a pivotal role in building and establishing the Canucks Autism Network, Canucks Place Children’s Hospice, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, and much more!


The Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon is an annual television telethon which dedicates its resources to support children’s health, and facilitate and encourage education across British Columbia. The Canucks for Kids Fund has been hugely successful for the past two and a half decades — last year alone it raised more than $630,000 for children and families across our province. Canucks wives, significant others, and volunteers will be taking donations by phone on the celebrity panel. This year’s Canucks for Kids Fund Telethon is held on Monday, March 14th.

50/50 Ticket Programs

The 50/50 Draw is a raffle lottery in which the proceeds made through 50/50 sales are split evenly between the winner and the Canucks for Kids Fund organization. By participating in the Canucks for Kids Fund 50:50 program, our fans will be contributing to charitable groups throughout British Columbia.

Fin’s Friends

The Fin’s Friends is a character development program that teaches social responsibility tailored towards Kindergarten to Grade 3 students across the province. The program emphasizes on strong character building such as kindness, compassion, and responsibility. What makes this program unique is that it directly aligns itself with the BC Performance Standards for Social Responsibility. Within the past seven years, more than 84,000 students have participated in the Fin’s Friends program.


Canucks Visit BC Children’s Hospital


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