Fan Services


Just like the team on the ice, we are dedicated to our fans. Our fans are all in and so are we. We are committed to providing an exceptional experience, always. We will do that by delivering on our customer service philosophy, that we call Fan Standards. We will GREET our fans warmly, with eye contact and a genuine smile. We will ENGAGE our fans proactively, anticipating their needs. We will LISTEN, then provide a solution. We will say THANK YOU and goodbye to our fans. Thanks for being a fan! If one of our staff members has provided you with exceptional service, we would love to hear about it!

Let us know by contacting Fan Services at or at 604.899.7440.



We’d love to hear from you.

Fan Disabilities


Information for fans with special needs and disabilities.

Fan Standards

Conduct & Admittance

Learn how we ensure exceptional experiences, every time.


Fan Texting Service

Learn how to report inappropriate fan behaviour.

Fan Standards

Fan Standards

Our vision for service excellence here at Rogers Arena.

Zero Waste

Zero Waste Program

In partnership with Waste Management
and the Green Sports Alliance we
rolled out the newest addition to help us
reach our goal of zero waste.

Designated Driver

Designated Driver Program

Pledge to be a Designated Driver for
your group for a regular sized soft
drink at the game and a chance to
win a prize.