Favourites Continue to Roll

  • November 13, 2015

By Derek Jory

Bracket Challenge Update: 

Has it been two weeks already? You better believe it.

We’re now into the third set of opening round match-ups of the Rogers Arena 20in20 bracket challenge, but before we take a look ahead, let’s recap what’s gone on.

As you’ll recall, the opening match-ups were all a wash in favour of the favourites. It wasn’t even close.

Not so shockingly, nothing changed in the second set of match-ups.

Off the Stanchion, Golden Girls, Jordan vs. Grizzlies and The Police all won with relative ease, meaning every top seeded option has won out since the bracket challenge began.

Will that continue with the next set of match-ups? Let’s take a closer look.

The Canucks match-up pins Alex Burrows’ OT goal in Game 2 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final against a classic Harold Druken goal and we all know how this one is going to go. Sorry Harold.

It’s Trevor Linden’s retirement versus Team Canada winning the 2006 World Juniors, which we’ll give to TL.

Maybe the Queen will bump the underdog slump? Queen Elizabeth II dropping the puck goes up against UFC 115 when Franklin beat Liddell in what is forecasted to be the tightest match-up of the third set. Will the Queen rule?

And finally two major heavy hitters as Bono and Oprah face off. One sings, one talks, they both inspire, but who will the fans side with? Voting for this and the above match-up open on November 20th

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