The Big Boys Came to Play

  • October 30, 2015

By Derek Jory 

Bracket Challenge Update:

In the opening four match-ups of the Rogers Arena 20in20 bracket challenge, every top seeded opponent dominated the competition and it wasn’t even close. Of the 1,762 total votes, 1,575 were for the No. 1 ranked option, making up 89 per cent of all votes.

The eighth seeds didn’t stand a chance.

The most lopsided victory was Slaying the Dragon, which won in a landslide over Bertuzzi > Jackman, 966 votes to 49. We cannot confirm that all 49 votes in favour of Jackman actually came from Barrett’s friends and family, buuuuuuuut they must have.

Thanks to everyone who voted, you’re entered to win 10 pairs of Canucks tickets and 10 pairs of concerts tickets for taking part.

Two more sets of first round match-ups were unlocked for voting today— it’s the second seeds against the seventh: Off the Stanchion vs. Jovo Goes Bananas in the Canucks Division and Jordan vs. Grizzlies against 1998 NBA Draft in Sports.

Vote now and you could call Rogers Arena home for 20 events next year!


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