Stars On Ice 2023

2023 Stars On Ice Tour

May 18 @ 7:00 pm


Moving forward, all mobile tickets presented at Rogers Arena will have a moving barcode. All screenshots of ticket barcodes presented at gates will not be accepted.


Purses or bags larger than 35.5cm x 35.5cm x 15.2cm will not be permitted into Rogers Arena.

NOTE: Walk-through metal detectors are in place at each gate.


Concession, retail stands, & hospitality will exclusively accept contactless forms of payment.


Text 604-765-3267 with your section, row, and seat number followed by the issue at hand. Dispatch will action the message accordingly via Fan Experience Supervisors or Security.

Is there Strobe Lighting at Rogers Arena?2023-04-11T16:42:45-07:00

Strobe lighting will be used during live Events at Rogers Arena including Canucks & Warriors games and during concerts. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Are service animals permitted inside Rogers Arena?2022-08-23T18:17:31-07:00

We welcome service animals! Please notify your ticket seller at the time of purchase if you require an aisle seat for your service animal. For further inquiries, please contact Fan Services at 604.899.7440 or [email protected].

Are assisted listening devices available?2022-08-23T18:17:31-07:00

Yes. Rogers Arena is happy to provide fans who are hearing and visually impaired with Assistive Listening Devices to enhance their experience. These devices offer both play by play and in bowl announcements for Vancouver Canucks games. They can be found at Guest Services Centres sections 104,114, and 311. For more information on these devices, please contact Fan Services at 604.899.7440 or at [email protected].

Are baby changing stations available?2022-08-23T18:17:31-07:00

Baby change tables are located in all washrooms–mens and womens. Family washrooms are located at Plaza Level Sections 103 and 109, and Rogers Level Section 309.

Are booster seats available at Rogers Arena?2022-08-23T18:17:31-07:00

Booster seats are available at Guest Service Centres which are located in Sections 104 (during hockey games only), 114, and 310, on a first come, first served basis. You will be asked to leave your driver’s license or credit card as a deposit.

Are cameras allowed inside Rogers Arena?2022-08-23T18:17:31-07:00

Non-flash, still photography is welcome at Canucks games as long as the camera lens does not exceed 75 mm. Our camera policy for concerts and all other events is subject to change; please contact Fan Services at 604.899.7440 or [email protected] to enquire about specific events. Please leave your audio- and video-recording devices at home; they are prohibited at all events.

Is cannabis allowed inside Rogers Arena?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

No. Rogers Arena is a smoke-free venue including the use of cannabis. Any guest found smoking or vaping cannabis inside of Rogers Arena will be evicted. In adherence to City of Vancouver health bylaws, we do not provide designated outdoor smoking areas, and there are no in-and-out privileges. Fans found in possession of cannabis during security screening will be permitted into the building as long as the amount does not exceed the legal limit to carry in the Province of British Columbia.
For the safety of our guests, you may be denied entry if you are impaired by cannabis.

For your safety and comfort, unacceptable conduct is subject to eviction or possible arrest and includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Impairment due to cannabis
  • Being a minor in possession of cannabis or providing a minor with cannabis
Where Is First Aid located?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

Trained first aid staff are available during all events at Rogers Arena. For immediate assistance, please contact the nearest staff member and he or she will have first aid attend to you. First aid staff are also located near Section 104 and Section 306.

What kinds of photo ID does Rogers Arena accept?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

We are happy to accept the following forms of photo identification: valid driver’s license, age of majority card, Armed Forces card, passport, Canadian Citizenship card, and BC ID card. Anyone who looks 30 or younger must be able to present two pieces of ID, including one from the list above.

Does Rogers Arena have a lost & found?2022-11-29T10:54:04-08:00

Lost something? Please call 604.899.7803 or inquire at one of the Guest Service Centres, located at Sections 104 (hockey games only), 114, or 310. Our Guest Service Centre staff will also accept any items you find during an event.

What can I do if my tickets are lost, stolen, or destroyed?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

Please contact the Rogers Arena Ticket Centre at 604.899.7676 for assistance with lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets.

Where can I purchase merchandise at the arena?2023-01-27T16:40:08-08:00

Our Canucks Team Store features the largest selection of Canucks gear and merchandise in the city. Located at Gate 6 (at the corner of Abbott Street and Pacific Blvd.), fans attending the game can also access the Team Store via Section 113.

  • Monday – Wednesday 11:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday – Saturday: 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sunday: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

*During events regular store hours may vary due to event requirements.

A mini-store is located at Section 121. During concerts or other events, merchandise kiosks will be located throughout Rogers Arena on Level 100 and Level 300. For further information, please call 604.899.7590.

You can also shop online.

Is non-alcoholic seating available at Rogers Arena?2022-11-29T10:50:57-08:00

For hockey games and other events at Rogers Arena, seats in non-alcohol sections are available:

  • Section 317/Row 6 to Row 15/Seats 101-113
  • Section 318/Row 6 to Row 15/ Seats 1-14
  • Section 311/Row 15/Seats 1-10
  • Section 311/Row 6 to Row 15/Seats 101-113
  • Section 312/Row 6 to Row 15/Seats 1-14
  • Section 102/Row 14 to Row 25/Seats 1-15

Please advise your ticket seller at the time of purchase if you wish to be seated in a non-alcohol section.

What should I NOT bring to the arena?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

For your safety and comfort, the following items are prohibited within Rogers Arena:
Bottles and cans
Sticks, flagpoles, selfie sticks
Aerosol cans
Roller skates
Outside food or beverages*
Illegal drugs or noxious substances
Cameras, sound and/or video recording devices as per event restrictions
Helium balloons
Stolen tickets
Bags or luggage
Items prohibited based on promoter request
Horns, noisemakers, cowbells, foghorns
Masks (that cover the face)
Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to guns, knives, ammunition, explosives, pepper spray and mace

Illegal items will be turned over to Vancouver Police. If a guest is found in the facility with a prohibited item, the item will be confiscated, and, in some cases, the fan may be evicted from the building. For more information please contact Fan Services at 604.899.7440 or [email protected].

* Food/medical exceptions, please see Food Allergies.

Can I bring a sign inside Rogers Arena?2023-02-22T11:04:23-08:00

Guests are welcome to display banners or signs provided they are not attached to sticks or poles and do not:

  • Contain politically motivated, religious or obscene messages.
  • Hinder, interfere or impair other guests’ view.
  • Cover existing signage (or hang over the Pro-Ad 360 ring).
  • Contain any commercial messages.

Our signage policy for concerts and all other events is subject to change; please contact Fan Services at 604.899.7440 or [email protected] to enquire about specific events.


Is smoking allowed at Rogers Arena?2022-11-29T10:54:15-08:00

Rogers Arena is a smoke-free venue. In adherence to City of Vancouver health bylaws, we do not provide designated outdoor smoking areas, and there are no in-and-out privileges. If you are smoking prior to entering, please remain six meters away from the building. Any guest found smoking inside of Rogers Arena will be evicted. This includes e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers, and cannabis.

Can I bring water bottles to Rogers Arena?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

Empty plastic water bottles are welcome at Canucks and Warriors games. Please note that any glass or steel bottles and all types of cans are not permitted. Our water bottle policy for concerts and all other events is subject to change; please contact Fan Services at 604.899.7440 or [email protected] to enquire about specific events.

Are water fountains available at Rogers Arena?2022-11-29T10:52:57-08:00

Drinking fountains are located in Sections 102, 110, 113, and 306. They are wheelchair accessible.

What areas of Rogers Arena are wheelchair accessible?2022-11-29T10:49:13-08:00

With the exception of Gate 3, all entrances at Rogers Arena are accessible by wheelchair, however, the most convenient entrance for guests using a wheelchair is at our drop-off and pick-up area at Gate 16 (at the east side of the building, off Abbott Street). Elevators are located at Gate 16 as well as Gates 1, 9, and 10. Please note that, due to construction, the Georgia Street and Dunsmuir Street walkways no longer connect Rogers Arena to Beatty Street.

For those with non-visible disabilities, a special assistance identification card can be arranged, allowing guests easier access to their seats.

Wheelchairs can be stored at the Guest Service Centres located at Sections 104 (during hockey games only), 114, or 310. Learn more here about how we serve our guests with disabilities.

Where can I buy tour merchandise?2022-08-23T18:17:32-07:00

Subject to availability, you can pre-order online at Vanbase.ca for pick-up before the show or delivery to your door.

When can I pick up my tickets at Will Call?2022-08-22T22:32:26-07:00

On the night of the show, the Toyota Ticket Centre at Gate 10 (ground-level, on the north side of Rogers Arena) is open until the headline performer takes the stage. Guests are required to show photo identification and the credit card used to purchase when picking up tickets. For questions, please call the Ticket Centre at 604.899.7676.

Can I bring a bag to Rogers Arena?2022-11-29T16:09:43-08:00

Purses, backpacks or bags must be no larger than 14” x 14” x 6” (35cm x 35cm x 15cm). Guests will be required to return their bags to their vehicles or another secure area prior to admittance.

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